About Us

Here at YourPracticeReputation.com we are passionate about your good name. After spending years helping dentists improve their marketing, we noticed something. Some of our clients watched as their tested and proven marketing winners weren’t filling the seats like they used to. One run with the search engines told us why, angry patients had made their voices heard, and much louder than all the happy patients. Can you relate?

So we went into the lab, and developed a proprietary strategy to protect the good name and reputation of dentists all over the United States, and make sure that when someone looks you up online, all they see is what makes you the BEST possible choice for their dental needs.

Unlike some of our dishonest competitors, we don’t lie to you about erasing bad reviews (impossible), but with our proprietary algorithm and approach, we’ve been able to help dentists ensure that they don’t show up anywhere on the search engines, and that page 1 is a giant glowing recommendation of your practice.

YourPracticeReputation.com is the premier provider of reputation and revenue protection for dentists. We ensure that you always show up positively in search results, and using our proprietary algorithm, ensure that you’re never held hostage by a hot-headed patient or dishonest competitor posting bad reviews of you online